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Kamila Wojtkowiak

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Hello! 😊
👩🏽‍💻🎨 I'm Kamila, specializing in graphic design, hand illustrations, and art history. My skills encompass graphic design in both the digital world and the professional preparation of materials for printing. I strive to constantly improve my skills to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. I'm particularly fascinated by what artificial intelligence can bring to the graphic design process. With enthusiasm, I explore new innovative paths of creativity. I'm open to taking on new challenges in my creative journey.
✨ Feel free to reach out for collaboration: neonartwoman@gmail.com

✨ Professional Graphic Design Services

▫️ Label and Packaging Design for Products
Crafting visually appealing and effective label and packaging designs, individually tailored to the brand and its strategy.

▫️ Brand and Event Visual Identity Design
Creating cohesive and memorable visual identities for brands and events, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence on various platforms.

▫️ Logo Design
Developing unique and distinctive logos that capture the essence of the brand.

▫️ Hand-drawn Illustration and Icon Creation
Producing custom illustrations and icons that convey ideas, enhance storytelling, and elevate the overall visual appeal of the brand.

▫️ Poster and Cover Design
Designing eye-catching posters and covers that effectively convey messages, evoke emotions, and stand out in various media.

▫️ Infographics, Product Mockups | E-commerce
Crafting engaging infographics and realistic product mockups to communicate complex information and showcase products effectively, especially tailored for E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Allegro, Ebay, and others.

▫️ Print Layout - Composition of Catalogs, Books, etc.
Meticulously arranging and composing printed materials, such as catalogs and books, ensuring a harmonious structure that enhances readability and visual appeal.

▫️ Invitation Design, etc.
Designing invitations that capture the theme and essence of events, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and generating anticipation.

▫️ Web Design
Creating visually impressive and user-friendly web designs that align with the brand's aesthetics and provide an optimal online experience.

▫️ 2D Animation Creation
Bringing ideas to life through dynamic 2D animations, adding an interactive and engaging element to presentations, websites, and promotional materials.
PRO image

Kamila Wojtkowiak

PRO image

Kamila Wojtkowiak


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50 - 75 zł/h
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